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I want to open a bank account. What do I do?
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Financial Football

Financial Football
Have you played our Financial Football game? It is fun!
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Free Materials

These top-quality financial literacy materials include the Financial Football classroom modules and the Financial Football game. Please click "Download" to download an item.

Financial Football educational book
Visa's Financial Football book is filled with fun and educational lesson plans. It contains many teacher guidance notes to give educators ideas for activities in the class. The book has been divided into modules on subjects such as basic money matters, saving money, borrowing responsibly, how to work out a budget and many more. Educators can choose lessons plans that suit the level of their class by selecting from lessons that range from easy to advanced. Clear learning outcomes are indicated at the beginning of each lesson plan. The Financial Football book is a companion to the Financial Football game, which is a fun and entertaining way for learners to get to know money matters. Download now

Financial Football game
Financial Football challenges players to answer fast-paced, multiple-choice money management questions correctly to advance down the field for a chance to score a goal. Financial Football offers single player and head-to-head game play options. This free game features three difficulty levels – and has companion lesson modules for classroom use. Players learn key concepts about saving, responsible spending, budgeting, and the wise use of credit. Play now

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