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Dealing with debt
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Credit History
Want to build a good credit record? Here's how.
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Visa's guiding principle is to provide economic empowerment to citizens and to stand with government, civil society, business and consumers as an ally in money management and economic growth.

Recognising that the payments industry has an important role to play in educating consumers, Visa has made a commitment to promote financial literacy worldwide. We provide free, relevant, accessible and innovative financial education to individuals as well as communities. We strive to facilitate access to financial services for the unbanked.

The material on this website provides the foundation to manage one's money in a responsible manner.

* Our aim with this site is to provide you with financial literacy information relevant to Sub-Saharan Africa. However, please take into account your country's currency and regulations when you're reading the information on this site.


Personal finance - Equity -

Personal Finance
Improve your financial future by gaining a better understanding of a broad range of personal finance topics; including creating a budget, saving for retirement and using credit wisely.
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For Educators
Use Visa's Financial Football book to access lesson plans for your classroom. Along with the Financial Football game, this an entertaining way for students to learn about personal finance.
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This website is not financial advice and is for information purposes only. Please consult your financial advisor before making decisions. Continuing on this website signifies your agreement with this disclaimer.