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Cellphone (Mobile) banking

Cellphone banking is almost like having an ATM in your pocket.

You can use your cellphone to do your banking in almost the same way that you can use online banking. With mobile banking you don't need a computer, just a cellphone with an internet connection. Go onto the websites of the banks to see how it works.

You have to set up the banking application on your phone. The easiest way to do this would be to go to a branch or to phone the toll-free line.

You can then transfer money, pay accounts, buy airtime, check your balance or view your statements by using your cellphone. The charges are also less than if you do your banking in a branch.

As with online banking, make sure you use secure web pages and that you keep all passwords and pin numbers safe. Talk to your bank about the safety of its mobile banking system and what safety measures you can take.